Valtech Switzerland Awarded the EcoVadis Gold Medal

abril 20, 2022

Dedicated to create a good environment for both its employees and for the rest of the world, Valtech Switzerland’s strides in regards to CSR is recognized by EcoVadis with a gold medal, putting the agency in the top 5%.

While Valtech Switzerland has always focused on CSR, they dedicated themselves to do even better when entering the EcoVadis partnership in 2016. By turning high ambitions of continous improvements into concrete actions, this year Valtech scored significantly higher than last year, placing the agency in the top 5%. 

As a digital agency, we have a dual role to play when it comes to sustainability, and we take that responsibility very serious. That’s why we have taken significant strides towards reducing our electricity consumption, while we are also converting all our sites to a supply from exclusively renewable energy generation." Raphael Schwarz, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Lead in Valtech Switzerland, explains.
"For suppliers as well as clients we are likewise urging them to follow, by including clauses on environmental, labor and human rights requirements in our contracts whenever possible.

With a score of 71 across all categories, Valtech falls well within the category of Gold, which requires scores between 67-74 and puts the agency in the top 5% of companies reviewed. 



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