Valtech's solution for Audi is running on the streets of Stockholm

janeiro 15, 2015

Valtech's new product "Acon" implemented in the premium car sharing project Audi unite.

Valtech is working on a further innovative project for Audi. With the Acon solution developed by Valtech, the digital service provider is supporting the premium car sharing project, Audi unite, which was officially launched 2014.

"Acon stands for Automotive Connectivity," explained Valtech's Product Manager, Andreas Manthey. "Acon connects the electrical systems of the vehicle online with the back-end of the manufacturer." In the Unite context, a journey can for example be invoiced accurately via a multi-encrypted connection, since the precise duration of usage of the respective driver can be determined via the Valtech system.

Acon can be built into the vehicle by the manufacturers during the production process or alternatively retrofitted. Either using the box of the respective provider or on request using a box provided by Valtech.

"We are thus turning the car into part of the 'Internet of Things'," explained Andreas Peters, Director of Valtech Germany. "This enables totally new services that the manufacturers and customers benefit from."

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Simone Fasse

PR Manager

Valtech GmbH

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