Sustainability and the Cloud


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What to expect

Throughout this series we’ve heard from brands who are putting sustainability at the centre of their agendas. No longer deemed as something that can be tackled in a few years’ time, we are all acutely aware of the need to act today to reduce our carbon footprint and help to reverse the damage happening to our planet. In recent times people have become more conscious of the impact that our online activity is having – yet at the same time we are continuing to move more processes, experiences and activities online. Ironic then you might say that a digital agency is facilitating this conversation, but as this conversation highlights, there are options at hand to make an impact here too. We're joined by experts from Valtech to discuss the challenge we’re facing and the tools and approaches we can all take to reduce our carbon footprint and make the right choices for our customers and the users who interact with them.

Topics: Sustainability, Digital Transformation, Innovation, Cloud, Technology

Recent Cases & Insights


Sustainable digital services

Did you know that the internet consumes more energy than the entire UK? Therefore, we must always keep sustainability in mind when designing digital services.