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Get to Know América Móvil


América Móvil is the leading provider of integrated telecommunications services in Latin America. They offer their customers a portfolio of value-added services and enhanced communications solutions in 25 countries in Latin America, the U.S. and Central and Eastern Europe.

Telcel, the core brand of América Móvil is the leading mobile phone and communication services provider in Mexico, covering 90% of the territory, and having more than 75 million users in Mexico alone.

Although Telcel was significantly positioned among the Mexican market, they needed to further promote their enterprise solutions that include connectivity, M2M, IOT, corporate communications, productivity, cloud services and fleet and sales force management. To do so, Telcel contracted Valtech.

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Improving Content Marketing & Lead Nurturing Through Hubspot

América Móvil

In the very beginning of the project there were different challenges identified:

  • Complex, always changing service portfolio
  • Little positioning for enterprise solutions
  • Large target segments with very different needs related to industry, geography, company size etc.
  • Classic uni-directional advertising did not show the desired results

To tackle those, Valtech designed an omnichannel communication and customer lifecycle management strategy including aspects such as:

  • Defining the Buyer persona and the Buyer’s Journey
  • Integrating Online and Offline communication channels
  • Developing Content Marketing and enhancing Thought leadership
  • Developing a Social Media communication strategy
  • Establish a Content Hub Website and Landing pages
  • Defining SEO and Paid Media activities

To be able to do an efficient lead nurturing, we needed a correct segment definition and enable a one to one communication, for which we used the Hubspot Marketing Automation platform. This also made it possible to implement lead scoring and to connect the marketing database with the Salesforce CRM.

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The Results

América Móvil

Telcel benefited in many ways from Valtech’s work, including the improvement of brand equity and sales results (Brandformance):

  • Brand positioning: We positioned Telcel as a thought leader to key subjects such as Internet of things, educational content, technological trends and productivity.
  • Quality traffic and engagement: We dramatically improved organic traffic and social media KPIs
  • Independence of Paid media: Paid media investments could be reduced to a very minimum
  • Increase in conversion rates
  • Leads and sales: MQLs and SQL grew significantly year on year. CPL has been reduced by 64%
  • Overall ROI grew dramatically as costs fell and results rose