The Power of Easy

Ericsson is an enabler of many leading companies’ most celebrated innovations. The only problem? Many still don’t know that.

The Power of Easy


The power of easy

Since being founded in 1876, Ericsson has grown to become one of the world’s leading providers of Information and Communication Technology to service providers. It enables the full value of connectivity by creating game-changing technology and services that reach broadly across societies and industries. Its company purpose is to empower an intelligent, sustainable and connected world.

What better way to celebrate the power of connectivity than to create a 90-second film that immerses the viewer in seven different creative worlds – and to pull it all off in one seamlessly connected take?

Nailing that one take for Ericsson’s “Power of easy” was anything “but” easy.  In the end, it was the 45th attempt that proved successful. And those 90 seconds would become the centerpiece of the Swedish tech giant’s biggest and most ambitious brand campaign to date – telling the story of how Ericsson is an enabler of some of the world’s most celebrated innovations: those we see today and those that are yet to come.

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Turning attention into engagement

Catching people’s attention was just the start of it.

For Ericsson, it wouldn’t be enough to just get people excited about connectivity. The brand needed people to learn about how its technology is at the cutting edge of innovation. That by driving possibilities in technology – including, of course, 5G – its customers and end-users spanning practically all industries... would be better poised to achieve their goals.

We built an online platform that housed not only the 90-second main film but also 7 sub-pages for each of the scenes the film traveled through. Each page would include deep-dive information about that particular category – such as “Connected homes”, “Event experiences” or “Immersive gaming”.

Additionally, each of these pages included one or two films where the user would meet a “Tech Hero” who would explain the game-changing technology that Ericsson is enabling in that space.

Those films were also cut into trailers, giving us the flexibility to promote both the main film – landing users on the main page – as well as “Tech Hero trailers”, landing users on the more explorative category pages.

Connected vehicles
Immersive gaming
Sales guy

A global brand activation

50+ countries. 5 continents. 9 languages. Over 1000 uniquely constructed audience groups, from policymakers to talent to service providers. This was a big bang.

Our in-house media team coordinated and executed an extensive media strategy; including global media partnerships, out-of-home display media, paid and organic social, PR, influencers, and more – making Ericsson and its “quest for easy” more visible, appealing, and accessible than ever.

Connected event experiences
Remote robotics
Tech in Things

Ambassadors to match the ambition

If you’re the tech giant paving the way for the next wave of innovation, you need ambassadors to match. We brought on several.

We open the film on the disability advocate and deaf-blind Harvard Law graduate Haben Girma; she’s traveling in an autonomous vehicle. (Girma more than starred in our film; her input also inspired us to add a number of accessibility features to the campaign website.)

We also feature Mari Takahashi in the film. The renowned gaming personality steps into an immersive mixed-reality world with her little green sidekick. Later in the film, viewers would see Nadia Nadim – striker for Paris Saint-Germain – displaying her fancy footwork.

The Results

In the first few weeks alone, we served more than 100 million impressions and 15 million video views – with cost-effectiveness 100% higher than the industry standard.

/  Impressions: 130M
/  Film views: 65M
/  Social actions: 7M
/  Article reads: 430K
/  Lower bounce rate: 63%
/  New sessions: 75%
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Easy, right?

In addition to the 44 failed attempts, there were: 3683 hours of preparations; 2.5 days of rehearsals; 43 test animatic versions; 124 people on set; 38 ruined posters; 115 crowd-surf stage dives; 9 cameraman t-shirt changes; 2 crushed footballs; and 1 perfect take.

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