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Whether you want to bake crunchy biscuits, cook up a vegetable casserole or impress your dinner guests with a delightful three-course meal, is the site that will help you succeed.

Here you can find your favourite recipes, tips and clips from the cooking shows on TV4 and Sjuan, along with Sweden’s most popular chefs and culinary inspiration.

For years, TV4 has been gathering its recipes from television shows and other channels at the website Numerous projects at TV4 were given a facelift in 2015. With an updated brand profile, the idea was for to become the first-stop gathering place for recipes, inspiration and shows related to food. TV4 came up with a new name and developed a new graphic identity. After that, Valtech stepped in to flesh out and implement the new concept for the new site – The plan also called for creating new products and services under the Koket brand following food-related programming.

  • Launch of a new brand - The new brand is replacing
  • A new advertising model - A site that also interweaves how sponsors are showcased in a new way. won the Best Food Site category at Internet World’s Top 100 in 2016.

The Challenge

To retain existing visitors and to attract new ones by getting them to love! And to launch an exciting, inspiring and useful first release.

The site’s predecessor,, had large numbers of users who engaged heavily with the site. The objective was now to broaden the service and to demonstrate what a modern recipe and cooking inspiration site should look like, and how it should be perceived – a site whose focus is on recipes and chefs, and that provides added value to visitors. should be the place where you go to find high-quality recipes created by chefs, pastry chefs and show participants. You will also find the latest clips, TV shows and blog posts from the chefs.

The new graphic identity had to be adapted and further elaborated for the digital realm, as Koket runs on multiple media, including the TV show “Mitt kök” and the online shop “Kokets Favoriter” – the bridge between you and what you want to cook: You’ve got the recipes, we’ve got the tools, let’s create together!

The Project

As is the case in most of Valtech’s projects, we employed an agile project methodology using scrum, to help us implement the highest-priority requirements first. The collaboration between UX, design and front-end was the key to success – every part of the site was discussed and sketched out together to give them all the requisite aspects: use (UX), design (ADD) and sales (front-end). The collaboration on the design team ensured short decision-making paths, quickly allowing us to see the results and test them on the users. Many of the design decisions were taken jointly as the design sketches were being created directly in HTML.


In 2016, was transformed into a new, modern, responsive recipe and cooking inspiration site that won the Best Food Site category at Internet World Top 100 just a few weeks after launch! also won the Best Information Site at this year's Publishing Award! And also received an honorable silver medal in the Swedish Design Prize in the Editorial-Digital.