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Get to Know Meraas


Founded in 2007, Meraas is a privately held holding company headquartered in Dubai with operations and assets in the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai-based conglomerate has launched several projects in multiple sectors including real estate, retail, hospitality, food and beverage, leisure and entertainment and healthcare.

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Designing With Re-Usable Architecture


Working closely with Meraas, we developed a re-usable E-Commerce framework that facilitates ticketing and online sales, enabling cross promotion of their leisure and entertainment destinations. Using an adaptive design approach, we added integrated booking engines, payment processes and products, that work across all six websites, immediately making a positive impact on sales.

Boosting Sales With Online Ticketing

Using this framework, we rapidly launched six new e-commerce websites within a matter of weeks. The first being the master site, Laguna Waterpark, from which the others were then based. We implemented an online ticket processing system with reusable architecture that increased sales by 50%.

One Stop Shop for Meraas’ Most Popular Attractions

We designed and developed the DXB Venues website that connects Meraas’ most popular attractions all in one booking platform for birthdays, team and corporate events. The conversion focussed site now allows a user to view venues and packages within the Meraas locations and then secure their booking through paying a deposit online. Integration of a leading schedule management system allowed for Meraas’ internal booking operations to be fully automated, drastically reducing the volume of calls and transforming internal processes.

Taking Content Management to a New Level


  • +2.5M Revenue in online sales
  • +24K Tickets sold online
  • +500K Visits

We designed and developed a brand-new site for Meraas’ latest entertainment venue, Rotunda. Implementation of a schedule management tool allows content managers to input months of show dates, prices, descriptions and packages within seconds.

“All of you, together, have helped Meraas deliver a customer focused and well-integrated booking engine, where our visitors have a seamless experience.”
SAMI RAHMAN, Head of Digital at Meraas