Valtech x Sitecore HIPAA Consulting Assessment

Healthcare companies use Sitecore for efficient and easy content management. It allows them to generate forms, track behavior, personalize content, enable flexible patient experiences and more. 

These websites and patient portals have always had to be HIPAA compliant, but what about the new HIPAA regulations? Healthcare organizations now face a need to review and potentially reconfigure their solution to mitigate potential HIPAA privacy restrictions. 


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Introducing the Valtech x Sitecore HIPAA Consulting Assessment. This consulting program identifies critical decision points in your Sitecore configuration and architecture and provides a conceptual framework for understanding and addressing concerns. 

In essence, this assessment unlocks value in consumer experience innovation, helping you understand how to improve your digital offering while mitigating inherent risks in your Sitecore solution. 


HIPAA saw significant changes and new interpretations in 2022. As a result, many health groups now must review their existing site builds and make sure they are compliant with new guidelines. We’ve created an assessment to empower them and break through the complexity of this process, making it simpler and more effective.  


Valtech architects with expertise at the intersection of healthcare and Sitecore will assess your entire digital solution and determine key areas of risk for PHI to be remediated. 

A range of considerations of your current architecture, environment and solution, including URLs, forms, analytics, personalization, and baseline setup architecture will be reviewed. 

Timeline: Six-weeks from access to review and solution 

Meetings: Three including kickoff, Q&A session, and presentation of findings
Deliverables: Report deck with briefing meeting 

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