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5 Reasons Why Your Commerce Platform Isn’t Performing

June 03, 2020

There are generally five big reasons why your commerce platform isn’t performing, and whether you are a global leader or a local retailer, the issues are often the same.

1. You Haven’t Nailed the Features or Scope

It’s so common to see clients embarking on a large commerce project/build without making sure they are first nailing the key features and scope. You need to distinguish between the commodity features (of less importance and are generally delivered from a standard platform), and the features that will set your offering apart from the competition. These are the features that should get the lion’s share of attention and are often the USPs that justify investment in customisation.

What should be commodity and what should be custom/unique will differ from brand to brand, but make sure you’re spending a good amount of time with a multi-functional team discussing the outcomes you are trying to deliver. What are you trying to achieve for the end user, and why? Look at the data, do the research and make sure you involve the right opinions from the start (including customers). That way you can be sure that the solution you decide on is fully fit for purpose and really delivers on customer needs. Read more about delivering on customer expectations here

2. You’re Thinking Short-Term

A commerce project is never a short-term undertaking; you need to look at it as a long-term investment and commitment. You also need to make decisions today that will enable you to pivot tomorrow. Make sure you think about the build first and then the long-term support/maintenance and improvement function—also referred to as tech run. Read more about the long-term view here

3. You’re Trying to Predict the Future

Don’t try to predict what the world will look like in the next 36 or 48 months. It takes too much time that could be better spent on going-live and learning. You’re also likely to be highly inaccurate (as shown by the Covid-situation). We can’t predict the future, but we can make sure we are in the best possible position to respond to it when it arrives.

4. Your Technology Set up Isn’t Quite Right

Commerce is complex! Offerings involve multiple platforms, integrations and business rules and that means you need to have experts on hand to help you navigate the situation. Either you can build up an in-house team made up of all the right competencies, or you can partner with an agency who can help you establish the right set up and get you up and running in the right direction.

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Just like the second point about the short-term view, remember that the technology aspect doesn’t just apply to the build; this is a long-term commitment. The other consideration you’ve got is whether you should buy off-the-shelf solutions or build your own. Find out more about the pros and cons of both options here.

5. Your Team Set up Isn’t Quite Right

It’s really so important that you stop working in silos; often, we are having separate conversations with marketing, IT and product teams. Things only work seamlessly if you think about this as an organisational change.

For a great example of how this can make a real difference to outcomes, read the Cabonline case study.

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