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Event Date: May 18, 2020
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More than half of organizations are known to store assets in more than four separate places, and over 70% have over 1000 assets. This results in less effective and efficient marketing campaigns due to the complexity of file structures in these cloud storage platforms. A Digital Asset Management system is the answer to keep your assets organized!

In this webinar from Valtech & Sitecore, we took a look at how you can get a handle on your content and deliver experiences that connect. Even with a wealth of digital asset management (DAM) options on the market, clients still get in a tangle with their content.

To solve the content crisis, you need to arm yourself with the ability to plan, create, collaborate, store, distribute, manage and publish any content across all channels and connect the dots between content and customer behaviour.

- Bart Lammertyn, Content Hub Specialist EMEA at Sitecore

With insights from Sitecore’s Bart Lammertyn and Valtech’s Mark Bilous and Minjae Kim, we explore the tools on the market and take a deeper dive into the power Sitecore Content Hub from cool features to smart functionality.

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Or if you’ve only got a couple of minutes, here are our top 3 takeaways.

1. There is a content crisis

The content reality for most companies today is a state of complex confusion.  There are multiple tools, disjointed systems, convoluted processes, an inability to collaborate, poor visibility and performance and an overwhelming amount of content to deal with. Even with the very best intentions, most companies have developed a series of organisational silos that make accessing, sorting or publishing content a tiresome undertaking. The good news is that there’s a definite solution. With so many tools on the market, you’ve got lots to choose from, but Sitecore Content Hub gets our vote when it comes to solving the content crisis once and for all.

2. You need to understand what’s best for your business

The best way to get a handle on your content is to have a unified platform that sparks collaboration. From aggregation, planning, collaborating to managing and publishing, by having a single platform you’ll save time, stress and reduce complexity. There are lots of DAM products on the market from Bynder to Brightspot, DigiZuite and Aprimo but for us when it comes to overall performance and awesome features, Content Hub from Sitecore ticks most of the boxes. But don’t just take our word for it, you need to review the functionality of all of the products on the market to work out what’s right for you and the needs of your business.

3. Deliver Experiences that Connect

To be able to deliver content that connects with your audience, you need to make your content relevant, personalised and you need to deliver it through the right channels at the right time, optimising at every point. To achieve those ambitions you need a tool that makes life easier - that strips away the admin time, disappointing search results and gets you the assets you need faster (and with a higher level of search accuracy). We all know that content is king these days, no matter the size of your organisation. So when it comes to delivering personalised content that connects and engages your audience, make sure you’re giving yourself the best possible chance and speak to our experts today.

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Valtech is a global platinum partner of Sitecore. In addition to our rich, long-standing expertise with Sitecore XP where we’ve successfully launched over 3000 projects, we are one of six founding global implementation partners for Sitecore’s DAM product, Content Hub.

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