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Valtech and Salesforce

Valtech is a  Summit Salesforce Consulting Partner and competent Salesforce multicloud integrator, bringing you the platform’s most robust capabilities to empower your business and enable peace of mind. 

With more than 425+ skilled consultants, including more than 585+ certifications, we've delivered over 800+ projects for world-famous brands across the world. 

Multi-Cloud Partnership


/   Commerce Cloud: B2C with OMS

/   Commerce Cloud: B2B with OMS

/   Marketing Cloud

/   Consumer Goods Cloud

/   Experience Cloud

/   Sales Cloud

/   Service Cloud

/   Platform

/   Mulesoft

/   Tableau


We're uniquely qualified to transform your business


For many companies, Salesforce is vital to their business. At Valtech, we implement the Salesforce customer 360 platform to facilitate and improve the development of business-to-consumer relationships across different touchpoints. From awareness to engagement, purchase, and service, we design and architect the customer experience that will help you build purposeful and human-centred relationships and strengthen your competitive advantage.   

We transform our clients’ businesses with innovative digital commerce driven solutions on Salesforce. We have a unique and integrated approach to grow together with our customers: co-creating personalized and connected end-user experiences delivered with the full Salesforce platform intelligently blending our deep Salesforce expertise with the capabilities of our digital experts, from data & design to strategy & technology. This enables us to guide our customers from big idea, to execution and beyond. 


Our formula for success relies on 5 major axes. It's all about driving business-to-consumer relationships across touchpoints that help you differentiate from your competition.  


Marketing: Turn real-time data into personalized meaningful moments that build lifelong relationships. Save time and spend with Marketing Automation and Intelligent insights. 

Sales and Commerce: Grow profit with seamless connected digital commerce experience on Sales and Commerce platforms. Adapt fast and deliver commerce your way with Composable solutions and fulfill on any channel. 

Service: Delight customers by connecting across channels real-time and personalizing every engagement with service implementations. Automate processes and empower teams to do more with less. 

Insights: Make business smart with data from insight to action to boost your bottom line. Connect the dots, collaborate and act right in the flow of work for better business outcomes with Tableau. 

Platform and Integration: Increase efficiency, productivity, resilience and deliver intelligent customer experiences by connecting your business with a composable enterprise architecture and automate anything with Platform and Mulesoft 


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