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  • Company: BMW
  • Theme: Keeping Up with Transformations
  • Name & Title: Christian Porseby, Digital Manager, BMW Northern Europe
  • Topics: Transformation Plans, Mobility & Connectivity, From Products to Services, Connecting Markets, Organizational Change, Harmonisation & Centralisation


From product to services and software

A car is no longer just a car. It's loads of software and it's a platform for various services. But how do they get there? - How do you transform a company like BMW to focus more on the digital aspects of the experience, how do you manage it on a global scale and how do you help your customers understand your complex product?

Get Christian Porseby's insights as he shares the experiences from the continuous digital transformations at BMW. - Of course, there's also an added bonus in terms of insights on what's to come from BMW.

"Previously, the focus was all on the product, creating the the great customer experience in the car, the great driving experience, because that's the core of the brand. Now it's much more focused on software, and other things."

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