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Live from D-Congress 2022

For years we’ve talked about the power of omnichannel retail – the seamless combination of digital and physical touchpoints to deliver a flawless commerce experience. But for this guest, it might be time to change the narrative, and shift from an omni-experience to an opti-experience. One where continuous optimisation to serve the needs of consumers takes centre stage.

When the digital boom took retailers (and their customers) online, we all know that the raison d’être of the physical store changed, but for Swedish Electronics retailer NetonNet, their physical presence has remained their secret weapon. Founded in 1999, NetOnNet was awarded the best Nordic company in Omnichannel by Google, and they are widely noted as the European leader in Omnichannel. To find out more about their strategy, and the opportunities and challenges they have been presented with along the way, we're delighted to be joined by CEO, Susanne Holmstrom

: Commerce, eCommerce, Direct to Consumer, Omni-channel, Opti-channel, Manufacturing, Retail

Susanne Holmstrom

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