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Data Evolution

Data Strategy & Maturity

Enabling companies to become data-driven enterprises with the right strategies, internal capabilities and culture. With a focus on strategic use cases, OKRs for tracking, agile execution and long term data-maturity, we make data an integrated and actionable part of your business.

Data Foundation

Setting the right data foundations to enable a trusted, reliable and robust data ecosystem. With continuous analysis, enhancement, monitoring and governance, we create a single source of truth for your organization and enable you to become truly data-led.

Analytics, Reporting & Insights

Driving customer value with the proactive use of data. We produce the analysis, insights and reporting that will support better proactive decision making and optimize your business, across all touchpoints.

Advanced Analytics & AI

Embracing a data-first future, we use advanced predictive models, data pipelines and ML models to address current and future business challenges. Our people are grounded in advanced AI techniques, including Generative AI, and its uses in an ethical, safe and responsible manner.

Data activation & personalisation

Creating a 360 view of your customers and unlocking personalization at scale with CDPs and seamless omnichannel experiences. We use real time data and advanced ML/ AI to rapidly predict and deploy offers, promotions and deliver real-time customer value.

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