Supporting, maintaining & developing as a service

Application Managed Service


By architecting a natural extension of Valtech’s digital services, we can continue supporting and advancing these services through proactive maintenance and development. This allows us to provide the continual GDS approach to delivery combined with top level ongoing management of the service.

Taking the risk out of your service

Application Managed Services enable you to take the risk out of your organisation. Removing the need to maintain and develop an individual service allows your organisation to focus on your key strategic decisions. Business needs can change throughout the lifecycle of your service. Application Managed Services are flexible and allow services to adapt with your needs, enabling change from a support and maintain situation to featuring rapid development.

Without having to obtain additional resources, Application Managed Services allow you to optimise your resource use without impacting on the quality and performance of your services.

Our Approach

Valtech has worked with a wide range of technology solutions and hosting providers. We bring our extensive experience of design and delivery of digital services to maintaining them.

We provide a flexible service which is tailored to your needs and budget. Depending on your individual requirements we can host and maintain your service or continue to develop it as your business requirements also develop.

We ensure that your requirements are met by identifying the key service requirements. Alongside you we then develop a detailed Service Level Agreement, with measurable KPIs, which ensures that the service always performs at its best.

We take the risk out of your service.

Our Outcomes

We run the Blue Badge service for the DfT. We have taken the project end-to-end. Having started with modernising their application we now manage the service. Overall the modernisation project saves £4.75m per year, and having us manage the project allows DfT’s staff to concentrate on what really matters to them.

What we provide for you

A full end-to-end service. We provide a dedicated team to design, develop and then manage your service once it has been deployed. With comprehensive service level and support agreements we ensure that there is minimal risk to your organisation. Importantly, our competitive pricing ensures that you get maximum value from your service.

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