Redeveloping existing applications to serve today's needs

Application Modernisation


We help our Public Sector clients meet the changing needs of today’s users by redesigning existing applications around their needs. By making best use of modern technology and platforms we produce an application which maximises value for your organisation.

Upskilling your invisible employee

Software has been described as an invisible employee - one who is often overlooked and neglected by their organisation. We believe that software should be treated as a colleague who must be upskilled to ensure they can provide their full potential to the organisation.

Application modernisation takes your existing software base and upskills it to nsure that it is fit for your current needs. So whether it is refreshing an outdated component, updating the user interface or migrating to the Cloud, we make sure that you are upskilling your hidden workforce so as to get value for money from your existing software base.

Our Approach

We take a user-centric approach to application modernisation, ensuring that all users, both internal and external, have their needs fully captured.

We then map the current implementation to those user needs, identifying areas where the software falls short and those where business processes require updating. At the same time we look at the foundations of the application to identify what underlying technology might need updating. This can be  to improve security, maintainability and performance as well as optimising licensing costs.

From this we develop a roadmap to the identified end state. This is then executed using an Agile process, ensuring that you maintain a seamless transition to the modernised system.

Our Outcomes

Valtech has a track record of providing excellent outcomes with our modernised services.

For example, we delivered DWP’s new Jobseeker’s Allowance digital service. The original service didn’t meet user needs and used technology that couldn’t be updated to reflect new legislation. We modernised the service to meet user needs, enabling the decommissioning of several legacy systems. We reduced the lengthy application form from 1900 questions down to 80 this will enable DWP to save an anticipated £5m pa.

What we provide for you

Valtech provides a bespoke service with a dedicated delivery team for each of our customers. We will undertake a root and branch modernisation of your software ensuring that it meets your user needs, both internal and external.

All of this we do whilst delivering maximum value for your service.

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