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Data Led Transformation


We partner with our Public Sector clients to transform their organisation into a user centric organisation which makes decisions led by data. This enables a rapid improvement of outcomes for their customers by focusing on what they want and need.

Using data to improve your organisation

For many years data has been seen as a key factor in the success of any organisation. While most organisations have now developed a data strategy, most haven’t recognised that data is an asset to be managed and exploited. Even fewer are actively exploiting their data assets and have become data-driven organisations.

The organisations that have become data-led have access to better quality data and can make faster decisions. Both of these lead to increased performance and better service for their users. They do this by giving data a purpose – to solve real problems for real people.

Our Approach

Instead of focusing on technology we focus on the needs of the organisation, identifying the key business needs and issues affecting the organisation.

We perform workshops to align the senior management on a vison for the digital transformation, identify the priority operational issues to be addressed and develop a roadmap for the initial steps of the transformation.

We thin-slice the problem instead of trying to transform the whole organisation in one go. By breaking the transformation down into a number of easier steps, each of which involves key stakeholders and delivers tangible value, ensures the success of your transformation.

Our Outcomes

Ofgem came to Valtech to help them become a data-led organisation, and to enable the energy industry to transform as well. We helped them transform into a data-led organisation by setting up a data exchange and data hub to allow them to manage regulatory data across all operational functions. This now allows them to make regulatory decisions in a matter of days rather than weeks. 

What we provide for you

We provide two types of service to help you through your data-led transformation;

We start you along your journey with short 1- or 3-day workshops. These help to identify key areas for transformation and provide a vison and roadmap which helps you progress.

We also partner with organisations to guide them through the transformation. By providing a dedicated team (including business, delivery and technology experts) we look to ensure that maximum value is achieved from your data.

I just knew that Valtech were a trusted partner, I trusted the work they’d done before, I trusted their professionalism and when they were selected to work on this, I had no qualms about it. The delivery management, user research, the developers, everything that came together, but the challenge that they give back and they have proven to me, at times, no journey is smooth, but when the goings got tough, Valtech have been real partners and a real support to me.

Sarah Cox, COO, Ofgem

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