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Improving user experience while decreasing cost

Transactional Service Digitisation


By taking existing services and redesigning them we not only improve the user experience, but also decrease the transactional costs. Additionally, by creating a digital, data-driven service we gain insights into the continuing needs of users allowing for continuous improvement.

Reimagining services can have huge impact on you and your users

Many existing transactional services in the Public Sector are not fully end-to-end digitised. These can often be inaccessible, confusing and cumbersome for the user or the workforce running the service. These can also be expensive for the organisation, due to manual intervention in the process, involvement of call centres, and the need to maintain multiple streams for multilingual forms or forms for those with disabilities.

By looking at your service from end-to-end we reimagine it as a digital first experience. By doing this you can not only provide a seamless and easy interface for your whole user base, but also significantly reduce transactional cost by reducing the need for call centre support and eliminating manual interventions in the process. By simplifying the user journey and reducing complexity we maximise benefit for the user and the organisation.

Our Approach

As with all our projects, we design and deliver with the user at the centre of the process.

We take an Agile approach with repeated testing of the in-utero service with actual service users at its core. This continuous Test and Learn cycle ensures that users and the service are continuously in line with each other throughout the development process. This maximises the service impact for both the users and the organisation.

Additionally, we form a single team formed of key Valtech personnel and your organisation. This ensures that we understand your organisation and can fully enable you to take over the service successfully at the end of development.

Our Outcomes

We have delivered significant improvements in both user experience and the reduction of transactional costs across the public sector. An example of our work is the Blue Badge application service where we improved user satisfaction from 35% to 73% while reducing transaction cost by 50% saving £4.75m in Year One.

What we provide for you

A proven service with a dedicated delivery team tailored to your needs. We will undertake a user-centred development program while ensuring we enable your team to take the service over successfully. By doing this we provide significantly improved user experience while decreasing your costs.

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