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Transformation and Enablement


Transforming your organisation effectively not only requires bringing your staff with you on the journey but also upskilling and recruiting staff with new skill sets. We are experienced in taking organisations through their digital transformation. We identify capability gaps and fill them by providing the training and recruitment needed to cement your transformation.

The Importance of Enablement

At Valtech, we believe that our employees should continuously develop, and the same is true of our customers.

Enablement means that your organisation can take the learnings from working with us in a project and replicate those throughout your organisation. This is infinitely more powerful than letting a consultancy give you the finished result. By enabling you to take over the project, we develop better solutions together. and allow you to flourish as an organisation.

Our Approach and Experience

Enablement and training is at the core of Valtech’s history. We started as a software training company before developing into the business consultancy we are today, and we haven’t forgotten its importance.

We believe that it is essential that a transformation can be sustained and that the customer can stand on their own two feet without our help. We therefore see enablement as a core value.

We deliver this as a stand-alone service or as part of another offering. The exact form this takes varies depending on the customer’s needs, but may include: Direct training in techniques such as Agile, delivered through workshop and one-to-one training; Gap analysis of the customer’s capability with a co-developed plan to recruit and upskill employees to close those gaps.

We believe in changing by doing and we enjoy helping others do the same.


Our Outcomes

An example of our successful enablement approach is our work with DVLA. Within the Customer team, there were a number of Business Analysts and junior developers who we supported in adopting an Agile approach. A plan was developed to enable the team. It included classroom training in Scala, pairing with and mentoring from team members and periodic external coaching. This enabled the team to take over the whole project.

What we provide for you

You will benefit from the skill of our experienced teams. They will help assess where your organisation has capability gaps, and develop plans to close them. Valtech provides coaching in Agile methods for all levels of your organisation.

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