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As a leader in advanced pump solutions, Grundfos has a keen focus on sustainability and the environment. To them sustainability is a mind-set and a way to do business. It’s about bringing value to the world, their clients and their employees in the most sustainable way. To tell us what that looks like in reality, and how digital is playing a part, we're joined once again by Jesper Olesen to catch up on the last year and to get up to speed with their impressive ambitions.

If you'd like to hear more from Jesper, why not watch this on-demand webinar where he outlines the details of their B2B Marketing transformation, or even better join us at the Adobe Summit, details below!

Want to hear from from Grundfos? Join them on stage at the Adobe Summit 2022!

Five years ago, Grundfos embarked on a transformational journey to establish a marketing automation solution that they could scale globally to serve their 60 markets. Now they’re ready to present the results alongside the hard-earned learnings they wish they had before embarking on their journey. Senior Manager Jens Nielsen from Grundfos openheartedly shares their strategy, results, and key learnings.


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