LEAP into composable commerce

Accelerating your digital experiences

Adapting to a shifting landscape

LEAP is an advanced, enterprise-grade composable commerce accelerator created in partnership with commercetools and collaboratively with Mars. It's designed to serve multi-brand B2C and D2C companies in Retail and CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods). 

We have designed LEAP to be not just an accelerator, but also a unique and powerful tool that multi-brand businesses can use to level up and leap ahead of their competition. It allows them to both modernize and elevate their customer experiences.

According to the MACH Alliance, 85% of organizations that have invested in MACH cite reduced costs and an increased agility. 

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1. Making MACH simple

Moving to a MACH/Composable architecture can present challenges due to its increased complexity compared to a monolithic approach. For a multi-brand company, managing multiple platforms is necessary, and the value of a composable architecture is widely recognized. This would require adjustments to the technology landscape, architecture, and ways of working.


LEAP provides solutions to these challenges, combining the advantages of composable architectures and a best-of-breed stack. It incorporates top-notch MACH components, follows integration best practices, and ensures monitoring for continuous improvement. Furthermore, LEAP offers the flexibility to adapt to specific requirements and integrate with existing solutions.

2. Deliver an omnichannel experience

Today’s customers are very digitally savvy. It is important to enable transactions for them from any touchpoint imaginable such as web, mobile, tablet, watch, digital signage, television, etc. Given the headless nature of LEAP, it is extremely easy for brands to now serve across various touchpoints with a web default.  

3. Create a future-proof technology stack

The accelerator’s functionalities and architecture have been carefully crafted with sustainability in mind. We ensured it stays sustainable by investing in best-of-breed solutions founded in out-of-the-box thinking to deliver almost any brand’s requirements. This means companies spend less time, effort and budget on functionalities that are fundamental expectations. They can then confidently invest in features that provide differentiating value to their brands. Given the “composability” of the solution, adding or changing any of the components in the architecture is an easy task if and when the need should arise. 

4. Be repeatable and adaptable

LEAP is not a cookie cutter solution, which means brands can expect two simultaneous abilities. Firstly, they can repeat it as many times as necessary to achieve their goal. Secondly, and at the same time, they can customize their business models, customer journeys, ways of working and more without getting tied into a one-size-fits-all strategy. This decentralizes ownership and empowers every brand to deliver better results without any limitations imposed by one another.

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