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Bringing the Web3 Revolution to Finance Takes Teamwork

Securrency and the Future of DeFi



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Get to Know Securrency


Founded in 2015, Securrency is a group of innovators and doers leading the financial services market into a decentralized future built on blockchain technology. They’ve received $100M+ funding from various investors to help bring their cutting-edge products and services to life. As they scale up to make their plans a reality, Securrency needed a strategic partner to augment their existing team to enable growth and operational maturity across Product Strategy, Product Design, Data & Insights and Technical Execution (Web & Mobile).

Valtech was fortunate to be among the digital agencies chosen as partner for this work, and through our collaboration, we’ve been able to learn a lot from these pioneers in the DeFi space while also lending our unique perspective on developing the flow and process alongside Securrency at every step.

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Scaling Up and Benefiting from Help


The leadership team of Securrency has a solid vision of the future of financial services. They have a unique understanding of blockchain technology and innovative uses and applications of this tech for meeting the needs not only of financial institutions but also of end users. What they needed was a team of digital partners to help them scale and make their plans into reality.

Given that Securrency are experts in what products and services they want to deliver (having already filed 30+ patents in this space), they primarily needed help figuring out how to go about creating their platforms and delivering products for their investors and potential clients. Valtech’s history of business transformation work, our dedication to working Agile, and our constant ability to keep the end user first in all of our considerations made us a prime choice for this partnership.

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Being Agile for a Flexible Partnership


Securrency is looking to do something that’s never been done before. As a group of blockchain experts, they are lending their expertise to the financial services industry as one of the first companies to recognize the opportunity the new technology provides. This means, however, that they’re working to develop the processes and systems that will govern the ways of working within this new opportunity in real time, while also developing the products and platforms they’ll be selling to clients.

For Valtech, this presents a unique opportunity. Most of our transformation consulting cases feature our teams moving into our clients’ offices to help update long-established ways of working to a new, digital future. But with Securrency, we’ve been able to form a true partnership that has allowed us to learn as much from them as they’ve been able to benefit from us. As we both learn together what will and won’t work in accomplishing Securrency’s goals, we’ve had to be extra agile to react in real time to Securrency’s learnings and constantly evolving brand image.

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In less than a year, Valtech represents approximately 30% of Securrency’s staff, and we’re directly involved with roughly 50% of their platform modules. We are embedded with the entire C-Suite and treated as trusted advisors as we add value not only to delivery but to their business operations and shaping of their products and services. We are helping with internal change management from a tech company to a client-centric product company. And building the foundation for a lasting partnership in the years to come.

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