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AI in Marketing

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januari 09, 2018

What AI means for the marketing industry and the future.

AI has taken the world by storm and has become a common term in the marketing industry. But how exactly does AI impact the industry and what does it mean for the future.

1.Customizing personal experience

Through data collection, AI customizes its service to fit an individual's needs. For example, Facebook uses AI to suggest friends to tag when users upload a photo. Another social media site, Pinterest, customizes pins to each user based on previous items they searched for and pinned. This customization allows users to have a unique social media experience catered to their taste. Marketing can now be even more personal to a consumer than ever before.

2. Better customer service

With AI technology like chatbots, consumers can instantly receive helpful feedback 24/7. Chatbots identify keywords and customer data to personalize responses to the individuals’ question.

3. Customer insights

Instead of humans having to compile and dissect massive amounts of consumer information, AI can now analyze information and break it down into understandable and detailed insights. Marketing professionals are able to use this information to better understand a brand’s audience, consumer habits and trends.

With AI becoming more and more prevalent, marketing experts can continually craft a more personalized and better experience for all.

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