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Disable index rebuild while installing Sitecore package

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juni 25, 2019

If you also came across issue with failed package installation/taking lot of time to install because of the no of items package contains and the background activity it performs like index rebuilding- there are two options you can choose from to install Sitecore package successfully.

package install

  1. Disable Index Rebuild while installing Sitecore package.
  2. Install package using SPE (

Disable Index Rebuild while installing Sitecore package

In this option you can add/deploy a patch to temporarily disable index rebuild and set the indexing strategy to be manual. once the package installation is done this patch can be removed.

disable index code

We need to specify the indexes available and set the index update strategy to manual.

Install package using SPE

This option is handy and can be used as an alternative to install the package, here is the script which can be used to install package with SPE.

We can also disable index rebuild while installing the package.

PS master:\> Install-Package -Path -InstallMode Merge -MergeMode Merge

This has saved lot of our time and you should give it a try if your package installation is taking a lot of time and failing.

Hope this helps!

Original article was published on Ankit Joshi's Sitecore Blog: Disable index rebuild while installing Sitecore package 

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