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Infographic: Celebrating International Women's Day 2018 with stats about the women of Valtech North America

maart 06, 2018

Today, on International Women's Day 2018, people around the world will discuss ways to empower women to achieve all that they can, take time to reflect on the existing challenges women face, and recognize the strides women have made. In the infographic below, we share some encouraging numbers about the women of Valtech North America.

While there is still progress to be made, we want to take this opportunity to share some areas where women are best represented throughout Valtech North America. The women of Valtech North America are major players in the success of Valtech at large—here's to them!

IWD 2018 - International Women's Day 2018 - Women of Valtech North America

The business case for women in tech companies

There is significant data to support the claim that "diverse workforces have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line" as Emma Thomas, Digital Project Manager at Valtech Copenhagen discusses in the first of our IWD series here.

Why are there so few women working in the tech sector?

In her piece, Tizzy Jones, Marketing Manager at Valtech London examines the possible reasons for this imbalance. Fortunately, girls and young women now have greater access to technology than ever before and societal norms have shifted—possibly increasing the presence of women in the tech industry in the future.

What can we do to encourage women in the tech sector?

There are practical steps we can take to encourage women in the tech sector. For instance, the women of Valtech Montreal get together for a regular meet-up called: 50+50. The goal, according to creator and Creative Director, Roxana Brongo, is to, "help us push our careers forward and to inspire each other". These meet-ups are so popular that other Valtech offices around the world are moving towards adopting the concept. You can learn more about the 50+50 initiative here.

Amanda Shiga, VP Marketing Science at Valtech Toronto offers other ways to encourage these women, explaining that:

"We can continue to share examples of successful women in tech and support initiatives such as the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. We can encourage people – men and women – who speak out in support of equality and who foster their female colleagues’ careers. Most importantly, we can foster creative alternatives to traditional, linear career paths in tech that allow for variation and flexibility across life phases."

How can we help women advance in general?

SVP North America, Allison Abraham Simpkins shares her thoughts:

"Regardless what industry you are in there are two fundamental things I believe women (and men) can do to help make a difference in advancing women and closing the gap on gender equality.

1. Support women

If you find yourself in a place that allows you to make a real difference in other women’s lives, embrace that privilege and help make a difference.

2. Educate our next generation

Youth activists around the world are stepping it up for gender equality. By empowering young advocates, supporting our daughters at home and educating them about women’s rights, we can help ensure a better future for all."

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