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In retail, the customer is king

VP Marketing, North America

februari 28, 2024

NRF is the moment of the year when the retail industry convenes to look ahead at what is driving momentum in the business. During an intimate Valtech event bringing together brands, tech companies and creatives we got into the conversation on the technology trends enabling the big ideas and strategies of tomorrow.  


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Tech Leaders' Perspectives: 

During the NRF Valtech event, six prominent tech leaders seized the opportunity to share their valuable insights on navigating the dynamic and competitive landscape of the retail industry.  

Each leader brought a unique perspective, contributing to a collective discourse aimed at providing actionable strategies for retail brands looking to not just adapt but excel in the rapidly evolving market. Their discussions encompassed some key topics, ranging from the crucial role of data in personalization to the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, underlining the significance of staying technologically agile to thrive in the contemporary retail landscape. 

 Key takeaways 

  1. "You need some magic in your strategy." - Kathryn Murphy, Twilio Segment

  2. "Don’t get bogged down in complexity. Do something simple and execute flawlessly." – Jamie Cairns, Fluent Commerce

  3. "Push for a proof of concept to test feasibility in the real world." – Dina Apostolou, Contentful 

  4. "Data, data, data. Manage, enrich, and innovate your entire product data record, and then the opportunities are limitless.” – Kristin Naragon, Akeneo, the Product Experience Company 


As the retail landscape continues to evolve, staying at the forefront demands an embrace of technological innovations. The insights provided by these tech leaders offer a roadmap for retail brands looking to not only survive but thrive in 2024. By unlocking the power of data, harnessing AI, embracing immersive technologies, fortifying supply chains, adopting sustainable practices, and seamlessly blending physical and digital spaces, retailers can elevate the customer experience, accelerate strategies, and ultimately grow their share of the consumer's wallet in the ever-evolving marketplace. 


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