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Sitecore Custom Insert Options

Sitecore Developer
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januari 22, 2020

Insert options can easily improve Sitecore content author experience. There are two ways to configure insert options in the item context menu.

From _Standard Values

Ok, let's get started. Click on the _Standard Values template you would like to configure and open the Insert Options section in Content tab. Make sure you have Standard fields checked in the View ribbon buttons.

standard fields

Click on the Edit link button under Insert options, and select a template you want to add into the insert options. I chose the Option 1 template as an example. Don’t forget to save your changes!

option 1 template

You also can open this dialog window by clicking on the Assign Ribbon button.

assign ribbon

Now you are able to view the new insert option in Example Template context menu.

example template

From System Settings

Insert new Insert Option Rule under System/Settings/Rules/Insert Options/Rules in the content tree.

insert option rule

insert option rule 2

I have inserted an Example Insert Options Rule for demo.

option rule for demo

Click on the Edit Rule Link button under Rule. With this, you are able to create your own rules. I chose "where the item template is specific template" as a rule condition and, as the rule action, I chose "add specific insert option."

create rule

Click on the Template Link button to choose the template you would like to change, then change the Template Insert Option — you can add multiple conditions and actions. Here, you will be able to configure more than one template at once if they are under the same conditions.

create rule 2

Save your changes and go back to the Example Template Item. You will see that Option 2 has been added to the Context menu.

context menu

There you go! You've successfully inserted custom insert options into Sitecore.

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