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The Big Impact of Micro-moment Marketing

mei 08, 2019

Technology is an ally to various industries including consumerism. For the digital community, brands have seconds to engage a potential client. Micro-moment marketing helps enterprises make the most of those seconds.

According to Google, people typically interact with their smartphone approximately 150 times a day! Posting a photo on Instagram, sending an email or chatting with a friend are all examples of short, purpose-oriented “micro-moments.”

Four micro-moments require a deep understanding of your customers’ motivations. A technical platform that can effectively support omni-channel interactions is an additional necessity. Traditional monolithic e-commerce systems can struggle to support micro-moment marketing initiatives. Headless infrastructure, such as commercetools, allows retailers to experiment with micro-moment interactions quickly.

The Four Micro-Moments in Marketing

Research by Google suggests there are four kinds of marketing micro-moments:

• I want to know
• I want to go
• I want to buy
• I want to do

The type of moment is determined by the purpose, context and urgency behind it. Creating successful dialogues with your target group rests on understanding each moment and knowing how to behave accordingly. The essential conduit is mobile.

Man's New Bestfriend

Smartphones play a central role in our decision-making. It’s the go-to device consumer reach for to make informed decisions on where to go and what to buy.

Google found that 75% of people say that their smartphones make them more productive.2 You could conclude that users are finding what they are looking for, but that’s not the case.

On a Need to Know Basis

To succeed in a world of micro-moments, it is vital to win your customer’s consideration and subsequent action. This is not achieved by promoting a generic brand message via a display ad. Customers are more loyal to their needs than they are to a brand.

Now, this doesn’t mean only popping up at a conversion moment. Consumers are quick to see through such tactics. 69% say the quality, timing and relevance of a message influence their perception of a brand. Instead, it is essential to dip in and out at multiple points on the consumer journey, offering as much help as possible along the way.

Strive to understand the purpose and context of your customer and their journey. Extensive context delivers value to your micro-services approach.

This is just the beginning. Read more about micro-moment marketing in our Valtech Mag:

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