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The Holy Grail: Monetizable Connected Vehicles

Marketing Director - NA

juni 07, 2017

What is the big word on everybody’s mind in connected cars? Monetization.

Everyone knows that you can do this through subscription-based models, affiliate marketing, advertising etc.… But what is actually successful and what are the best services and products to monetize?

This week 150 speakers and over 3000 attendees have taken over Detroit at the TU Automotive Event to discuss the future of the automotive industry

Big brands in this evolving automotive ecosystem are looking for ways to better monetize the customer journey, and more importantly, enhance the driver’s experience. There is so much data collected by the car about the driver, about the surroundings…what can we do with this data to give the best possible experience to the driver possible? What can we do to make the experience fluid from the moment you approach your car to arriving at your destination and all points in between? At Valtech we go beyond proof of concepts and napkin drawings. We are actually executing these solutions across technologies and platforms.

For the past 20 years, Valtech has been innovating within the Automotive industry. In just the past 5 years, we have focused our attention on engineering experiences in the connected car. Leveraging our experience and innovation, this year at TU Automotive we are sharing our vision around connected cards, inspiring attendees with what is possible for the driver and the brand. Tomorrow we’ll be speaking on this very topic.

We’ll cover:

  • Currently available monetization options, incl. pay-per-use, subscriptions, ads and more, determining what works now and what to invest in for the future

  • Analysis on advertising/affiliate marketing as a revenue stream, accounting for ease of delivery, the tech. available, measurability, and the importance of taking regional attitudes into account on privacy

  • A Plan your journey! Map on how to get to effective monetization of services, including conducting trials alongside partners, and gathering and analyzing usage data, to enter into this emerging market

Make sure to catch Joacim Jeppesen and Norman Palmhof Thursday at 12:10pm at TU Detroit!

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