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The future of B2B companies: Solving customer experience challenges with Valtech and Adobe

SVP, Demand Generation

september 15, 2023

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, B2B companies are facing numerous challenges as they strive to stay competitive and meet customer expectations.

The shift toward digital transformation has become an essential aspect of their survival. Customer experience has traditionally been considered a primarily B2C concern, with B2B companies more focused on functional product attributes and service level agreements. However, this paradigm has significantly shifted in recent years, with B2B enterprises increasingly recognizing that providing a stellar customer experience can be a critical differentiator in an increasingly competitive marketplace. In this article, we will explore the current state of B2B digital transformation, the evolving customer experience landscape, and why partnering with Valtech and Adobe can help companies overcome their customer experience problems and become digitally-savvy enterprises.

The current state of B2B digital transformation

While B2B companies have made significant progress in their digital transformation journeys, there are still notable hurdles to overcome. According to a recent study led by Gartner Peer Insights and Valtech, 69% of companies believe their data is siloed, hindering their ability to gain actionable insights and create a cohesive customer experience. Additionally, 55% feel they are not fully utilizing their existing tools, resulting in missed opportunities for growth and optimization.

Another key finding is that 74% of companies continue to run digital transformation projects through their IT departments. While IT plays a crucial role, this approach often lacks the multidisciplinary expertise required for comprehensive digital transformation. However, 15% of companies have recognized the need for dedicated digital teams, which are responsible for orchestrating and implementing transformation initiatives.

Moreover, the rising cost of operations remains a concern for 79% of companies. Balancing cost efficiency with the need to innovate and deliver exceptional customer experiences is an ongoing challenge. Despite these obstacles, 60% of companies maintain an optimistic outlook on their digital transformation efforts, recognizing the potential benefits that lie ahead.

The evolution of B2B customer experience

As B2B customer experience morphs under the influence of digital technologies and customer expectations, businesses must keep pace. Customers today demand seamless and personalized experiences similar to what they encounter in the B2C space. Therefore, B2B companies must invest in digital solutions that allow them to better understand and engage their customers at every touchpoint, from initial discovery to conversion and beyond.

The challenge for many B2B organizations lies in balancing complex product or service offerings with the need for a streamlined, engaging and intuitive customer journey. Many B2B companies have intricate buying processes involving multiple decision-makers and approval stages. This complex nature can lead to disjointed and frustrating customer experiences.

To address these challenges, B2B companies are leveraging technology, data and customer insight to deliver personalized experiences. Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and advanced data analytics provide the tools to understand customer behavior better, predict future needs, and deliver personalized content that guides customers through their journey.

What’s more, B2B companies are also embracing the idea of omnichannel strategies. Historically reliant on distribution channels to get products to market, B2B companies are now exploring new models with old partnerships, transforming them into “buy with” instead of “buy through” channels. The desired output is to increase transparency of product availability, customer intent to buy and identifying opportunities to cross sell more products based on order data from other like customers or regions.

Why partner with Valtech and Adobe

To address the customer experience challenges faced by B2B companies, partnering with industry leaders like Valtech and Adobe can provide a strategic advantage. Valtech, a global digital agency, brings a wealth of expertise in helping businesses navigate complex digital transformations. Our multidisciplinary teams can provide valuable insights, identify pain points, and develop tailored strategies to meet specific business objectives.

Adobe offers a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions to optimize the customer experience journey. From content creation and management to data analysis and personalization, Adobe's platform enables B2B companies to deliver seamless and engaging experiences at scale.

Together, Valtech and Adobe can empower B2B companies to overcome the challenges they face in their digital transformation journeys. By leveraging Valtech's expertise in strategy and implementation and Adobe's robust technology solutions, organizations can achieve the following:

- Integrated data and insights: Break down data silos and gain a unified view of customer behavior and preferences. This enables personalized experiences and targeted marketing campaigns that drive better business outcomes.

- Enhanced customer engagement: Leverage Adobe's suite of tools to create and deliver captivating content across multiple channels. From websites and mobile apps to email marketing and social media, B2B companies can engage customers at every touchpoint.

- Scalable and efficient operations: Streamline processes, automate workflows, and reduce operational costs. Valtech and Adobe's solutions enable B2B companies to optimize operations while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

- Competitive advantage: By embracing digital transformation with Valtech and Adobe, B2B companies can stay ahead of the competition. They can adapt to market trends, fend off new entrants, and create a sustainable path for growth.

The future of B2B companies lies in their ability to tackle customer experience challenges and become digitally-savvy enterprises. By recognizing the importance of digital transformation and partnering with industry leaders like Valtech and Adobe, B2B organizations can unlock their full potential. With Valtech's strategic guidance and implementation expertise, combined with Adobe's powerful technology solutions, companies can navigate the evolving B2B landscape, meet customer expectations, and thrive in the digital era. Embrace the digital transformation journey today and leverage the expertise of Valtech and Adobe to achieve long-term success.

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