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Audi Digital Retail Modules

Introducing Digital Retail Modules



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Looking Back


Several years ago Audi developed a new interactive shop concept: In the classic Audi City locations as well as in more than 900 dealerships worldwide visitors and staff members can use multiple multimedia devices (such as Video Walls, Multi Touch Tables, tablets) to configure and display individual car configurations and much more.

The Goal

The launch of the first Audi City location in the year 2012 was very successful. As a result, Audi decided to set up more locations and deepen the reach of the concept by rolling out smaller digital retail modules to Audi dealerships. These modules use modular Audi City components, and improve the sales process by providing high quality, interactive 3D visualizations of the desired car configuration for the customer. These configurations can be controlled via tablet applications or a Multitouch Table, adding an innovative touch to the experience.

The Concept

Valtech has been supporting Audi since 2011, especially with the conception and development of software components that have enabled Audi to implement the Audi City showroom concept and to accomplish the set goals for the rollout of the digital retail modules to the Audi dealerships.

The Solution

A close cooperation with other vendors and Audi's IT department has been essential for the continuous, successful integrations and the frequent delivery of new releases. Among others, Valtech designed, developed and delivered the Audi City Middleware backend components, which enable the smooth and seamless integration of the multimedia devices to enhance the overall user experience. In addition, the cloud-based backend offers several services like data storage, registration, administration, KPI tracking and visual orchestration for the different connected client applications that are part of the Audi Cities and the dealerships.

The Innovation

In 2015, Valtech was trusted with the future development of the Multitouch Table application and is to this date providing new releases for it. Among other features, the Multitouch table application allows the user to configure his or her car by using the Audi car configurator backend, view the visualization for millions of available car configurations including exterior color, interior packages, special equipment and accessories and interact with them by navigating the camera, changing background environments, triggering animations to open the doors, the trunk or the convertible top of the desired car and even let the configured car drive in a virtual city. This is done via an external render engine that is smoothly integrated in the application's user interface. The application also provides the possibility to search dealer stock for new and used cars or to view multimedia content on a connected high-resolution screen.

Audi values Valtech as a competent and responsive IT implementation partner. Dealing with emerging technologies and innovative concepts is daily work for them and we can always count on consistent deliveries and solution-oriented consulting. Valtech is helping us to provide the dealerships with new digital retail solutions to improve their sales processes.

- Mirko Krönert,
Audi AG, Digital Retail

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