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Get to Know BMG


Founded in 2008, BMG is the fourth-biggest music company in the world. Its fresh approach includes music publishing and recordings among other services, combined with innovative digital offerings off the same service platform. BMG is owned by the global media, services and education company Bertelsmann.   

BMG and Valtech have had a growing business relationship for nine years. BMG knew early on that it needed an agile and experienced partner who could provide holistic, end-to-end support for new digital services and understood BMG's business models. Together, the two partners have realized more than 25 launches to date. 

Communicating with Different Target Audiences

The challenge is to implement applications cost-effectively at high speed and with strong customization for a global company with multiple stakeholders in 12 territories. BMG is strongly oriented towards the needs of its customers: Artists, songwriters, publishers, and more.

BMG`s Growth and the Extended Partnership with Valtech

Now, after almost 9 years of partnership, various tools and websites are supporting the growth of different BMG services, leveraging important features and integrations. BMG took the decision that Valtech will be the first-choice partner for all complex and customer-facing applications in the future. As an example, the website providing specialized content in over 10 countries. Around 20 editors from all over the world use the application intensively as a branding and communications tool. For BMG's employees, the new website is a time-saving solution in their daily work and for clients, it reflects an innovative and modern company. 

Enhancing BMG’s B2B Offering

BMG Songs is a platform for internal and external users to search for songs and recordings, view the ownership shares and issue licenses for usage of the music.  

The focus of BMG Songs is on licensing and data processing, allowing other artists and creators to find songs and pay for the licenses needed to use those songs in some manner. The purpose of the platform is to make a lot of information quickly and easily accessible. Given the innately logical structure of the platform, it was decided that BMG Songs could be best served with a UI update with minor UX adjustments. In addition to those updates, and given the expensive nature of the licenses, we decided a higher quality design was also desired, but we kept the structure of the main navigation, which is very similar to the other BMG products to ensure brand consistency. 

Developing a One-Stop Service Portal for Clients: myBMG

In 2012, it all started with a small relaunch on bespoke technology to avoid a vendor lock-in scenario. One of the needs BMG faced was having a central portal that displays all income streams a creator has with BMG in one portal, in a user-friendly and clear interface. This kind of functionality and providing a single source of truth in the form of an easy to navigate dashboard has been gaining in popularity with a lot of companies that rely on their digital platforms to deliver crucial information to their clients.  

The music industry is very specific in nature and there were no off the shelf products that supported end-to-end operations for an innovative music company. Therefore, the decision was made to build the solution instead of attempting to buy a ready-made tech stack. Using an Agile Scrum methodology featuring cross-cultural teams to meet the needs of BMG’s global presence, we chose different pieces of technology (Elastic Search, Apache Wicket, etc.) to create a one-stop service portal for clients, hosted on Google Cloud, that met BMG’s needs. myBMG was born and it is now the most important, industry-leading platform, the single source of truth, bringing personalization and data intelligence together. 

In addition to the web application, a mobile application was also developed. The goal was to expand the design and application possibilities, as well as to adapt the solution to the needs of BMG and its customers. 

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These projects are just a fraction of the work we continue to do with BMG. Over the years of our partnership, we’ve forged a strong working relationship with this client:

  • We've made BMG less dependent on expensive and limited software products in the music industry
  • We've helped BMG offer better services to their clients
  • BMG has been able to respond better and faster to customer requests
  • They've been able to stabilize the environments & applications
  • They have gone on to adopt many of our agile methods and work more efficiently internally across their IT function.


We needed a partner who is innovative and could adapt to our quickly evolving needs. One who delivers what we need, not what we want. Valtech is the partner of choice for BMG.

 - Gaurav Mittal, BMG VP IT & Systems 

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