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Building an International app Complying with Local Regulations



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Get to Know Novartis


On March 7, 1996, the Swiss pharmaceutical companies Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz announced what was at the time the biggest merger in the history of the industry. Novartis was born with the vision of accelerating innovation and asserting an even stronger position on the global markets. 

Novartis is one of the largest multinational pharmaceutical companies in the world. Through their own research as well as the development and acquisition of other companies with different primary focuses, they've led the charge to improve health around vision care through Alcon, and even pioneered cutting edge treatments for multiple sclerosis. When they wanted a new way to support their product Gilenya™, they turned to Valtech for help. 

Black male doctor showing Black female patient the Novartis app in a clinic room

Innovative Observation


Novartis came to Valtech with the challenge to build an informational, interactive, international app that complied with Pharma regulations across all participating countries for their product Gilenya. Gilenya is the first pill proven to treat relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis and has become the most prescribed once-a-day pill for relapsing multiple sclerosis.

Novartis was seeking an innovative way to manage the first dose experience of patients, as Gilenya patients are required to be under observation for six hours upon first starting treatment. This long observation time was a challenge for both patients and HCPs at treatment initiation.

Young Caucasian man in wheelchair eating breakfast and looking at his tablet

Fun Learning


Valtech Healthcare developed a solution which successfully tackles the communication challenges, as well as facilitates the patient's waiting time while under observation. The solution developed was called "My First Dose," an iPad-based Edutainment Tool which enables patient education regarding the first dose procedure. As the patient went through the app, each section would display a checkmark, so that the nurses could see what information the patient still had to cover. The education ranged from treatment to lifestyle to care, and the iPad could also be used for entertainment if the patient wished. 

Valtech was involved in all aspects of developing this strategic digital tool, from pre-analysis to delivery, providing an integrated digital offering, empowering both efficiency and innovation.

Roll On


The "My First Dose" iPad web app solution for Novartis fullfills crucial needs in relation to patient education. It is both responsive and dynamic, meaning that important content updates (labelling, monitoring advice) are immediately available for patients. The iPad app also brings a huge value to end users as it contributes significantly to improving knowledge and confidence about Gilenya™, for both patients and nurses.

The “My First Dose” iPad app has received very positive feedback across the spectrum, from Novartis stakeholders to end-users. This iPad app demonstrates the potential for pharma to engage digitally with patients from the very start of their treatment journey, bringing value through cost-savings, reduction in time-to market and brand compliance.

The "My First Dose" Web App was piloted in Denmark and has been used in many Danish hospitals since its inception. Independent market research on this pilot had very positive feedback. All patients and nurses felt they would advocate using the iPad MS info app to others. The app was proven to provide an overall positive FDO experience for patients and nurses alike. The "My First Dose" Web App was a great success, although the treatment it was supporting was an even bigger success. 

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