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From its start in 1937, the Swedish Real Estate Agency has grown into one of Sweden's largest real estate companies. Today, when they mediate housing, new production projects, forest & agriculture and commercial real estate all over Sweden and in Spain, the ambition remains the same: to offer customers the best real estate service.

The Swedish Real Estate Agency offers the most attractive and locally customized brokerage service to customers based on the needs that arise in the customers' unique life.

Innovative Home Valuation in Your Neighbourhood

The Swedish Real Estate Agency

Together with the Swedish Real Estate Agency, Valtech has developed Between the Thumb and the Index finger; a service where the user can zoom in and out, move around on a map of Sweden and get an estimate of what it would cost to live in the area they zoomed in on.

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Sharing Data with the Users

The Swedish Real Estate Agency

From the beginning, the task was to develop a campaign to collect housing valuations. Valtech then created a service design solution where you get average prices—both as sellers and buyers, according to Marcus Sjölin, product owner at the Swedish Real Estate Agency.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you should only have to turn to one single player, says Anders Sjönvall, creator at Valtech.

You can zoom in all the way down to a block level. All the time, you responsively get an average price of housing in the area shown on the screen. In the next step, you can either contact a broker for exact valuation of the space you're looking to purchase, or you can go to the Swedish Real Estate Agency's search page and complete the search; the area, size and type of housing will automatically be included from the Between the Thumb and the Index Finger platform to the search specifications. Alternatively, you can keep track of a specific accommodation in the area you zoomed in on.

It is a very fun way to keep you up to date on the Swedish housing market. We want to emphasize that it is an average price we offer, which is why the name "Between the Thumb and the Index Finger" came so naturally when the idea was presented. When zooming in and out, you will see the average price of the area.

- Marcus Sjölin, the Swedish Real Estate Agency

A Hobby to Follow the Housing Market

The Swedish Real Estate Agency

To remain at the forefront, we need to challenge the classic campaign and communication pattern that brokers often end up with. And we are doing it by sharing data with users to show generosity in the role of market leaders, being transparent to show honesty and showing the user presence.

Through analysis of user data, we realized that, for many, following the housing market is a fun hobby. Therefore, we wanted to create a fun and useful tool for both serious shoppers as well as those simply interested in following market trends and prices in their spare time. To those ends, we wanted to ensure transparency of the sources of the data presented to end-users to better help them make decisions about the information presented. For example, we list the 10 most recent reference sales that the data is based on in the view you are in. 

Nominated in the Swedish Design Awards 2019

The Swedish Real Estate Agency

Between the Thumb and  Index Finger was nominated for an achievement in Advertising - Digital by The Swedish Design Awards in 2019. 

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