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Composable commerce

Innovate faster. Connect better.

Make sure you are where your customers buy

From classic web shops to mobile omnichannel applications, you provide your customers with inspiring shopping experiences. But where will they buy tomorrow? Or in 6 months? And are you ready to keep up with your customers' changing shopping behavior? Some of our existing clients are already well underway to making that happen. Don't fall behind!


Go composable to keep up!

Enterprise suites are no longer “the safer choice." A composable, or MACH, approach is agile, nimble, and always up to date. MACH stand for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless and this modular architecture allows businesses to: 

  • Respond faster to changes in the market 
  • Drastically reduce time-to-market and innovate at speed 
  • Go for best-of-breed solutions and easily integrate with a partner of your choosing 
  • Avoid vendor lock-in 

“Moving away from a big old legacy commerce platform will transform customer experience, drive revenue and make your teams happy”
- Giles Smith, MACH Ambassador, Modern Commerce Day 2021 

Choosing a modern composable commerce future 

A modern composable architecture is right for your business when: 

  • Sudden business and market shifts require quick, agile changes in how your digital platform operates 
  • Multiple teams in different departments work on solutions in parallel 
  • Your solution needs to work across multiple channels and customer touchpoints 
  • Your web shop experiences regular fluctuations (Black Friday sales, for example) which require a scalable infrastructure 

“All digital experiences in the future will be built
in a composable fashion. [But] we're just at the beginning of the journey towards composable business and the composable future. However, because digital commerce is such a competitive space, we as a market are early adopters of this new paradigm

- Mike Lowndes,
Sr Director Analyst at Gartner, Modern Commerce Day 2021

Commercetools & Valtech

The combination of commercetools next-gen, flexible commerce platform with Valtech's digital commerce expertise, offers a best-in-class approach. As partners we are already begun collaborating to help brands such as Audi, Eurail and Promod 

An outstanding digital experience for consumers requires a sophisticated back-end system, which is the benefit of the partnership between commercetools and Valtech. commercetools is a visionary headless commerce platform that can be deployed and delivered by Valtech with speed and agility, providing clients with faster results and the opportunity to innovate at speed across industries and business models. 

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