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Glen McInnis

Glen McInnis is VP, Technology and Solution Delivery at Valtech in Toronto, Canada. As Sitecore MVP since 2009, he has both deep strategic and tactical experience with Sitecore. Glen has overseen teams responsible for more than 200 content management deployments and complements this real-world experience with substantive formal education. He is currently involved in the world’s largest Sitecore implementation on Azure PaaS -- totaling over 1000 Sitecore websites for over a billion customers worldwide.

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Sitecore Commerce and valtech_vantage Part 2

In the previous post we provided an overview of how Valtech Vantage and Sitecore Commerce can be combined to create a unified view of the customer both in-store and online. In this post we explore some of the technical details to illustrate how Sitecore xDB can be used to track offline interactions.

januari 12, 2018

Sitecore Commerce and valtech_vantage Part 1

Valtech Vantage, our proprietary smart beacon technology, is a unique solution that gathers consumer behavior insight offline, in-store and then connects it with your web analytics. By capturing data offline that is consistent to and comparable with online data, valtech_vantage provides a holistic view of customer behavior across all touch points. The technology allows you to understand the influence that both online and offline touch-points have on each other and on purchasing decisions, as well as measure and improve the entire customer experience accordingly.

januari 12, 2018

Getting Ready for Sitecore Cortex: A Sitecore Architect's Intro to Machine Learning in Sitecore

Sitecore Symposium introduced us to Sitecore Cortex, the new machine learning (ML) component coming in version 9.1. This will be yet another shift for Sitecore developers and architects, as they will need to interact with an even broader cross-functional team. In this post, I cover a VERY high-level introduction to the machine learning development process and some tips on tooling.

november 10, 2017

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