Healthcare Director - UK

Jack Fitzgerald

Jack is Healthcare Director in London, a History graduate from Durham University. He’s responsible for several of our clients such as Schroders, Novartis, and the DVLA, helping them to achieve competitive advantage through digital. In his limited spare time Jack enjoys playing football, travelling, and exploring the London nightlife.

My Insights

Digital As Usual

Through all of the work that we do, for all of the clients all across the world, there is one common thread; we are now in the world of Digital As Usual.

april 12, 2018

The Missing Link to Real-World Innovation

The pharma industry loves digital pilots but struggles to translate them into live services.

maart 30, 2017

Whatever happened to the scientific method?

The NHS has the heritage, the ambition, and the people to provide better digital services. The missing piece is a better delivery method.

februari 03, 2017

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