Senior VP, General Manager - Valtech Chicago

Joshua Young

Joshua has been leading the Adobe partnership for Valtech for 5+ years in the US and and contributed heavily to the Adobe vision for Valtech globally. He is now responsible for all operations in the Valtech Chicago office while building a center of excellence for both the Adobe partnership and non-traditional digital channels in the US. Through his leadership, Valtech has partnered with Adobe to build a customer experience vision that addresses expectations in the market today while also looking forward at the trends of tomorrow.

My Insights

Ancillary Revenue Opportunities Through Customer Experience

Noun: In the airline industry, ancillary revenue is revenue from non-ticket sources, such as baggage fees and on-board food and services, and has become an important financial component for low-cost carriers (LCCs) in Europe, North America and other global regions. Ancillary revenue has been defined as, “Revenue beyond the sale of tickets that are generated by direct sales to passengers, or indirectly as a part of the travel experience.”

september 12, 2017

Valtech and Adobe's Innovative Grocery Solution

Digital Transformation in the Grocery sector.

juni 05, 2017

Valtech_Suite at Adobe Summit 2017

At Valtech, we feel like engagement at every touch-point is where the travel and hospitality industry is going. Through the Valtech_Suite experience we are figuring out how to make this customer journey as fluid as possible.

april 03, 2017

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