Business Director, Commerce & Retail

Søren Thingholm

Søren is the Danish Mr. E-Commerce. He has 20 years of experience within the field of e-commerce both from the client side and from the advisor side where he advises larger corporations on how they best achieve the best possible results by letting their digital DNA come to life in web, eCommerce and mCommerce in full alignment of their business goals.

My Insights

How to get a bit of start-up culture in your large corporation

Looking at the lay of the land, it sometimes looks like innovation is only achievable for the small, the agile, the fearless. But is there truly no way for the bigger corporations to enter the stage and start innovating like a start-up? I believe there is.

december 01, 2017

From Service to Experience

Going into a store and buying something was once considered an experience  in itself. However, today’s craving connected customers are demanding something much more special and memorable. But how can retailers deliver these memorable unique experiences?

augustus 14, 2016

The Future of Retailing - Let us inspire you

In April, we hosted our second Future of Retailing event in Copenhagen with lots of laughs and inspiration. Insights about the evolving customer experience and the ‘gap’ between the offline and online world was shared among retailers – read on and get the highlights!

mei 23, 2016

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