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Date: juni 09, 2021
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Experience the Next Evolutionary Leap for Retail 

Retail has a proven track record for adaptation. Now, due to recent events, stores are primed to take the next giant leap forward. Soon they will be powered by the highest levels of machine learning, pulling from hundreds of customer behavior data points to create dynamic and highly personalized experiences for shoppers. 

Habits have been broken, new ways of buying and selling have been discovered, and the chances that we will revert to a pre-pandemic reality are looking increasingly slim. How can brands put users at the center of the in-store experience to create a lasting dialogue? 

Valtech Future Studio is constantly scanning the horizon for the latest technology and business disruptions. Through our research, we uncovered major themes that highlight today’s signals and tomorrow’s trends in order to gain a glimpse into the possibilities of the future customer buying journey. 

'The Future of Customer Engagement in the Wake of the Pandemic' is a forty-minute immersion into new concepts, demos and real-world examples of how we're using digital technology to transform the future of customer experience.  

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