The Voice of Digital Leaders in Manufacturing 2024

Date: april 25, 2024
15:00 - 15:45 CEST (UTC+2)
Webinar: Online

One of the clear findings of this survey is that the most significant digital growth for manufacturers in 2024 is expected in the aftermarket.


Discover the key outcomes from The Voice of Digital Leaders in Manufacturing 2024 report

Navigating digital transformation in an industry like manufacturing can be daunting. Crafting a digital strategy and roadmap requires expert guidance. How about some guidance from industry peers who are already succeeding?

For the third consecutive year, we have conducted a comprehensive survey among global manufacturing leaders, delving into the present conditions and future ramifications of B2B digital transformation within the industry. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the findings from our latest The Voice of Digital Leaders in Manufacturing 2024 report.

We are excited to announce that Javier Rodriguez, the Senior Vice President and Head of B2B eCommerce Digital Strategy and Transformation at ABB, will be joining us. With a wealth of experience and profound insights in the realm of B2B commerce, Javier will undoubtedly enrich our discussion.

Leading the conversation will be Herbert Pesch and Carsten Pingel from Valtech, ensuring a dynamic and insightful exchange of ideas. Carsten will focus on what KPI's to measure & how to accelerate performance in digital commerce.

Together, we’ll steer through the findings of the report, unraveling the pivotal role of digital commerce and customer portals as the driving force behind digital transformation in the B2B landscape. Additionally, we’ll delve into one of the major obstacles faced during digital transformation, organizational change, and explore how industry giants are managing it.

Some key findings include:

  • The primary business goal in digital transformation is achieving a greater share of wallet and revenue growth from existing clients.

  • Both ecommerce and customer portals emerge as the top targets for digital investments, alongside data foundation.

  • Slow or failing internal adoption is attributed to factors such as reluctance to change or embrace digital tools (49%), lack of cross-functional and departmental collaboration (46%), and a lack of ownership of digital at the local level (46%).


Let’s talk B2B!

Javier Rodriguez
SVP and Head of B2B eCommerce Digital Strategy and Transformation at ABB
Carsten Pingel
VP Strategy & Commercial Excellence at Valtech
Herbert Pesch
Managing Director Valtech B2B