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MACHathon 2021

Day 2: What our teams have been up to

januari 25, 2021

The week has just started, and our two teams are already well on their way with their MACHathon projects.

After a successful start last week, the MACHathon 2021 is now in full swing and our teams are already back at it.
A quick refresher about what we are talking about: Valtech has sent two different teams to participate in the first ever MACHathon, hosted by the MACH Alliance. The teams will be working on prototypes of products and services that are able to generate social and economic value, utilizing MACH technology, open data, public APIs or by hacking common objects, for example.

Today, to give you a first glance at what has been happening, we’d like to start with our Team “Social Local”. They are working on a digital platform to foster the involvement of people and small businesses in their local neighborhoods.

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They began this project by creating and going through their backlog, assigning items within the group and already begun to model their data.

But perhaps the most important step for the team was that by now everyone is able to see the big picture and has also a better idea of how to contribute to the goal of showcasing a solution as a fully working prototype.


Of course, our other Team, “Giraffes”, has also been very busy. They are working on a tool to support education that aims to give educators and learners the opportunity to quickly and easily collaborate online.giraffe_team.jpgThey started out by analyzing the typical content of existing history schoolbooks and transferred it into a component structure. Then, they enhanced that content with additional resources commonly available, such as audio files, rich media or Youtube videos.giraffe_history.jpgAdditionally, they worked on defining the floorplan and structure of the future interactive learning platform. This way, everyone involved can see, from a very early point in time, where each component is headed and how everything will fit together in the end.giraffe_miro.jpg


As you can see our teams truly are leveraging agile way of thinking and quick collaboration methods to come up with solutions at light speed. We will continue to cover the progress in the coming days.

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