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Valtech Acquires Infocentric - A Leading Swiss Digital Agency

december 04, 2019

Valtech today announced the acquisition of Infocentric Research AG

The Switzerland-based digital agency Infocentric has over a decade of experience working for large organizations and Swiss-based multi-nationals creating value on all levels and helping uncover transformative opportunities.

The company currently ranks among the top 3 of largest digital full-service agencies in Switzerland and works with 40% of the 100 largest Swiss based brands such as Credit Suisse, Raiffeisen, Roche, Sanitas, Sulzer, Swisscom and Syngenta to name a few.

By joining forces with Infocentric, Valtech is increasing its capabilities in business transformation notably in the financial service industry while also strengthening its European coverage with offices in Germany, England, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland.

“Infocentric has tackled complex business transformations for some of the world’s most prestigious companies. They have the complete blend of strategic, creative and technical capabilities to drive the next wave of digital driven changes. We are very excited to combine our knowledge and capabilities to deliver exceptional solutions for our clients,” said Olivier Padiou, Group Chief Operating Officer at Valtech.

“We recognized that our clients need to draw on experiences and best practices across many industries and geographies to see the future and changes ahead of the curve. Joining forces together presents an incredible opportunity to blend our strengths and ideas in a larger international context with Valtech’s global capabilities and extensive experience. We are all very excited to continue and bring the journey to a next level with Valtech!” said Marc Maret, CEO and Co-Founder of Infocentric.

“The world is transforming rapidly and this means that we have to keep evolving. The work that we do is more global than ever, and it takes broader capabilities to deliver the best. We believe that this opens up a world where we can produce bigger and better opportunities for our people, partners, and most of all, our clients.” says Armand Martin, Head of Business Development and Co-Founder of Infocentric.

About Infocentric

In an ever-changing, volatile, complex and increasingly digitized world, the impact of decision making and the implementation of change on business success is growing. Infocentric is a Digital Service House and the reliable companion for every kind of digital transformation and innovation.

All along we understood the enormous impact and challenges of digital transformation on today’s organizations, but also its chances and possibilities: We believe that «digital» generates value and everyone can benefit from it. That’s why we support and accompany organizations throughout complex decisions and transformations.

We are a team of business shapers, consultants, UX experts, designers, software developers, solution architects, system integrators & project managers. Together with our clients and partners, we bridge the gap between Business & IT by ideating, shaping, orchestrating & delivering innovative solutions and integrated experiences from business idea to running business.

We have successfully delivered over 1,450 digital projects and helped over 135 clients by shaping innovations – from business idea to running business.

For more information please contact:

Paul Lewis
CMO, Valtech

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