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  • Company: Valtech
  • Theme: A Look in the Rearview Mirror
  • Name & Title: Freek Bijl, Group Chief Strategy Officer
  • Topics: Connected Agency, COVID19, Diversity and Inclusion, Global and Local, Connecting the Dots, Empowering, Work-Life Balance

Do we Like what we See?

As the final episode in our Transformation Series, what better way to end it than a look inwards, reflecting on the changes forced upon us as well as the changes we have forced upon ourselves thanks to the new perspectives offered this year.

From work-life balance to inclusion and diversity, the curveballs thrown this year have opened our eyes and paved the way for some needed changes on both personal and organisational levels.

"We're a people company, that's the only asset that we have. And making sure everybody is still motivated, feels connected and heard, I think, was the most challenging bit. Not so much the work that we actually do, because we didn't drop the ball there at all."

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