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  • Company: Sika
  • Theme: Global Rollout during a Pandemic
  • Name & Title: Peter Simon, Team Head Web & Digital Solutions
  • Topics: Digital Transformation, Global Rollout, Company Silos, User Experiences, Customer Expectations, User Journeys and Segmentation

Making the best of a bad situation

Sika was in need of an updated website, to better serve the needs of their customers around the world. In the middle of it, as they were getting ready to start all the 100+ roll-outs, the pandemic hit. Lockdowns sent people home. Everything was turned upside down.

How did Sika manage a global relaunch from their living rooms and home offices? Listen and get inspired by how they managed the situation.

"We were shutting down offices, shutting down factories, and people were afraid of what would happen with their lives; their health, their families and also their jobs at the end of the day"


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