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NXP and Valtech

Partnership, automotive.

Today, products such as cars, machines or shoes are becoming connected touchpoints. Digital user experience and data expertise determine product demand. Thought the digital workbenches become important partners for the core business. New partnership models are emerging - from product teams that believe in a shared cross-company vision, to in-house agencies, to joint ventures such as those between Audi and Valtech.

This changes the way companies cooperate with service providers. It is no longer a matter of purchasing commodities with a contract for work, but of establishing partnerships with a common value definition. But the establishment of these partnerships is hardly supported by the usual tendering processes. Mutual trust is achieved especially through practical work on the product. The culture of the service provider is decisive and becomes an important selection criterion. To what extent does an agency have the experience and the right mindset for interdisciplinary work? The way the client and the service provider work is becoming more interwoven. All participants must be willing to invest in the development process and improve it further. In the end, not only a product is created as value, but also the jointly functioning organization.

The change from project to product orientation requires a rethink in the cooperation between companies and their service providers. Companies should create the framework to encourage the exchange between disciplines and give agencies the chance to become real partners in their core business.


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Why Clients Select Us

Why manufacturing & distribution clients trust us

We take digital omni-commerce platforms to the next level

We deliver comprehensive digital business platforms with CMS, PIM, DAM, CRM, Commerce, OMS and Data that all work together in perfect orchestration. We also have a vision for designing these to serve all audiences—customers, sales staff, management, marketers, etc.—to become truly empowered with seamless user experience and data-driven action-triggers, giving them the ability to focus effort on high-value tasks.

We know how to reach and engage the B2B customer

Taking a data-driven approach to B2B marketing, we have delivered comprehensive omni-channel marketing programs which are tailored to specific segments and engage the buyers via personalized messaging. These programs are always focused on delivering measurable results.

We know what it takes to drive business transformation

The shift from the paradigm of the 20th century to that of the 21st doesn’t come easily, and certainly not only by implementing new technology. We therefore embed our transformation framework into programs, always with the objective of enabling our clients’ teams.

We take an agile approach to tackling the complexity and scale

From our many engagements with the industry, we understand and appreciate what it takes to successfully drive change and build value-adding digital tools. We plan carefully and apply our agile approach to identifying and achieving quick wins with a fast time-to-market.

We share DNA and speak the same language

Having deep experience in the industry, we have a humble respect for it and the people who have dedicated their lives to it. Typically forming strong bonds and connections that lead to multi-year engagements.

We are Valtech, a global digital agency focused on digital transformation. We combine experience design, technology development, marketing crafts and strategy in all stages of the business lifecycle with unique services that outcompete others in quality, speed and value. Our model that leverages our global intelligence to tackle challenges of today and tomorrow. We realise Transformation by doing.

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