The New Luxury Customer Experience Needs a Direct-to-Consumer Transformation

The time for Luxury to join the D2C and MACH revolution is now

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There have been many reasons why brands have been reluctant to shift into a D2C model. This reluctance is not reserved for the Luxury sector, but we also exist now in a time when moving D2C and keeping the same level of luxury in the customer experience is possible. Meaning we’re also in a time when not shifting into D2C no longer makes as much sense as it once seemed to.

MACH Architecture and a D2C Digital Transformation 

MACH (Microservices, API first, Cloud native and Headless) technologies are the principles that allow for the kind of personalized experience and fast rollout at scale that makes D2C branding of luxury goods possible. Through MACH, luxury brands can better control their own first party data, addressing the concern about how marketplaces control data related to your sales products. Using that data, brands can also create more personalized experiences, make informed changes to product and service offerings, and roll out those changes faster without interrupting access to their d2c e-commerce platform.  

D2C Companies Are Seeing Success 

In this whitepaper, we explore the current opportunity facing luxury brands to shift into a D2C framework, the benefits of providing a D2C option for your luxury products, the technology allowing this shift to be successful, and Valtech’s position in helping to bring this kind of digital transformation to our partners.  

If you’re ready to explore how a D2C transformation can offer your brand a competitive advantage, download our whitepaper today!