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This is why you need a website content creation process

Behind every website there’s a team of people producing content – even if that team is only one person. But whether one-person strong or dozens, every team needs a streamlined content creation process.

julho 28, 2017

Content deserves a place in your agile development process

Despite all the talk about its importance, every day countless websites are going live with no decent content. It seems that when it comes to agile working, content is often an afterthought. Or even worse: totally absent. We can’t possibly be happy continuing like this, can we?

maio 09, 2017

Content mantra: authenticity, consistency and real contact

We’ve been talking about storytelling, content marketing and influencer marketing for a while now in the online world. And fi-na-ly, it seems that the masses have come to understand their importance. At the recent Web Summit, in Lisbon, Portugal, for example, the sessions involving content were well-attended; the recurring themes: authenticity, consistency and real contact.

novembro 25, 2016