Digital Strategist

Suzanne Distain

Suzanne fell for digital in Japan while doing an internship in a Japanese digital marketing agency based in Tokyo. She lived there for a couple of years and came back to France to study international commerce with a marketing specialization.
After working as a digital project manager in a firm, she chose to start her consultant career at Valtech France.

My Insights

The timely schizophrenia of digital fitness

I dove into fitness 3 years ago with the primary goal of losing weight, and I was quickly blown away by all the different ways to go: YouTube videos, Facebook programs, eBooks, etc. It took me a while to make an educated choice and join what would become a real “fitness family”. I soon got passionate about the power and influence of digital in this community and its members’ journey. As I am making my first steps as a young digital strategist, I took to heart retracing my steps and writing down my impressions about this gripping, paradoxical world.

janeiro 20, 2016

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