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Suzanne Distain

Suzanne Distain

Suzanne fell for digital in Japan while doing an internship in a Japanese digital marketing agency based in Tokyo. She lived there for a couple of years and came back to France to study international commerce with a marketing specialization.
After working as a digital project manager in a firm, she chose to start her consultant career at Valtech France.

My Insights

On building an authentic brand

What do we expect from brands? If digital has taught us anything, it is that what we want most – what we crave for – is to be inspired. Inspiration is the elusive finality of many complex variables, from product to service throughout all the spheres of marketing. Social media has been playing a defining role in that mix, amplifying emotions, making and breaking brands in the blink of a 3-second Snap(chat). So how do you standout in this inspirational craze? Can you be strong enough to survive a massive, instantaneous, Volkswagen-diesel hit? Building a consistent, innovative and creative approach to Authenticity is a step that brands can no longer afford to ignore.

March 11, 2016

The timely schizophrenia of digital fitness

I dove into fitness 3 years ago with the primary goal of losing weight, and I was quickly blown away by all the different ways to go: YouTube videos, Facebook programs, eBooks, etc. It took me a while to make an educated choice and join what would become a real “fitness family”. I soon got passionate about the power and influence of digital in this community and its members’ journey. As I am making my first steps as a young digital strategist, I took to heart retracing my steps and writing down my impressions about this gripping, paradoxical world.

January 20, 2016